An accomplished business woman with a career spanning almost four decades, Robyn Christie has embarked on a new journey and has a story to tell.

Highly regarded as an opinion leader in the South African Travel Industry, Robyn has an enlightened approach and unusual perspective on being a woman in business today. Her quirky sense of humour and gregarious personality catch many people's attention, but it is her heartfelt message and enthusiasm that truly resonate with her audiences.

Whilst she is fascinated with the changing world and the digitisation of industries, Robyn believes that only those companies that continue to focus on building effective teams will enjoy long-term success in this challenging environment. Her proven track record, successfully working in a number of different organisations, holding an array of senior positions and leading diverse teams, is evidence that her versatile approach works.

Robyn is a passionate South African embracing midlife with gusto; engaging with her on any level is entertaining, motivating and always informative.

"Robyn has a way of saying things that not many people could get away with!"


Travel Visionary

Advising the travel industry on innovation, change management, compliance and education to reset for a sustainable future.

Thought Leader

Robyn Christie has ploughed her way through the respective Data Protection laws affecting the industry such as PCIDSS, GDPR in the EU, and POPIA in South Africa. She is articulating the changes these laws herald and their impact on business processes to TMCs around the country.

Management Guru

With over 20 year’s experience at senior management level, Robyn Christie is well suited to mentor emerging leaders.

Executive Mentor

Robyn coaches high performers and managerial prospects whose challenges typically include:

  • Increase in executive presence
  • Newly promoted
  • Career advancement
  • Influential leadership

Inspirational Orator

Robyn articulates unique 360° views of the South African business landscape, as well as the future of the travel and tourism industry.

Keynote Speaker

With passion and humour, Robyn loves to share some of the lessons learnt during a fascinating career in keynote addresses such as:

  • "The silverback has left the boardroom"
  • "We can define it but we can't explain it"
  • "Turning data into intelligence"


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