"I do believe I can share Better if not Best Practice over the extended supply chain..."


Improving efficiencies

Over the past twenty years Robyn has invested greatly in earning the trust and credibility of the travel industry both locally and abroad. Her intention therefore is to work with all sectors in an ongoing effort to improve the efficiencies, reduce the risks and access appropriate technologies within the Corporate Travel Market.

Disruption of an industry only happens when a supplier, customer or intermediary is dissatisfied with the process or an element of the process. Right now the much spoken of disruptors; airbnb and uber are part of the main stream but it doesn’t mean disruption is over. Compliance to local or foreign legislation and regulation is a key disruptor. Adopting the good governance framework that PCI DSS and the GDPR call for is a great step to managing risk in the industry.

Navigating a way forward

Robyn continues to prepare for the future of the travel market by understanding and articulating the regulatory developments. She tackled the issue of merchant compliance with the Payment Card Information Data Security Standards (PCIDSS) and was appointed by some leading travel groups to guide their members through the process.

The ongoing protection of personal data has extended to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that came into force out of the European Union and the launch of South Africa's Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA).  IATA's New Distribution Capability (NDC) is of keen interest and looking for opportunities to grow effective transformation in the industry.

Promoting professionalism

Robyn has always promoted the professionalism of the travel industry in Southern Africa. Now that she no longer represents a particular brand, she continues to work with airlines, travel companies and wholesalers to raise the levels of integrity and international credibility for the travel industry in Southern Africa.

"For years the threat of new competitors entering the travel industry has been successful in derailing us but isn’t it time that we started taking them head-on. Personalisation is the new buzzword, who better to personalise travel than a TMC?"

Robyn will provide fresh perspectives and insightful analysis to help you rethink the way you develop and market your business.

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