After nearly four decades in a corporate environment Robyn Christie has a compelling desire to forge her own path and to "reinvest" some of the knowledge and expertise she has gathered along a successful career path that took her well beyond the glass ceiling.

Well-known to the travel industry, Robyn Christie's wealth of experience as a client, agency association representative and supplier give her powerful insights into what makes successful partnerships. She combines this with the ability to create positive customer experiences to drive success.

Robyn has positioned herself as a keynote speaker, an event MC, and a panel moderator covering topics relating (but not confined) to:

  • Diversification
  • Digitisation of an industry
  • Working for global organisations in a local environment
  • Gender issues
  • Ageism (this is a lighthearted but relevant one)
  • Communication - Selling - Presenting

"When you least expect it Robyn’s dry sense of humour sneaks through and keeps her audience engaged."


"The Silverback has left the boardroom"

For those that know her, Robyn often tells the story of inadvertently being called a Silverback. Whilst that term has many connotations, she particularly found some comfort in the beast.

Robyn's journey resonates well with both a younger and more mature audience as it depicts the important steps to take to keep your career on the right trajectory, as well as reinforcing the value of experience in any business environment.

It aligns appropriately to Robyn's own "Third Chapter". “We must develop a compelling vision of later life, one that does not assume a trajectory of decline after fifty but recognises this as a time of potential change, growth and new learning, a time when our courage gives us hope”. Sara Lawrence Lightfoot. - The Third Chapter: Passion, Risk, and Adventure in the 25 Years After 50.

"Turning data into intelligence"

Robyn looks at the challenges of ongoing analysis of data that arranges society in fascinating stereotypes. As a passionate South African, she sees the challenges inherent in the constant influence of American and European surveys and studies, which skew the views we have about work in the future of this country.

We have more diversity and authenticity issues to deal with than many other countries in the world, but there are many emerging markets we can learn from.

Thriving in this digital disruption needs some perspective and looking at the changing world of travel, Robyn challenges the industry to look for opportunities rather than retreating into a state of agitation.

"We can define it but we can't explain it"

Generational stereotyping is the language of today and all too often we label behaviour by generational references.

Robyn is fascinated with the assumptions and can't help but smile in recognition of so many traits in herself and those around her.

There are enough professionals talking about this subject but no-one seems to address some of the key issues that are missing, including socio-economic contributors and, even more importantly, the silent effect that hormones have on women throughout this life cycle.

With a humorous tone throughout, Robyn unpacks the sensitive issues that no-one ever talks about, but which profoundly effects at least 52% of the work force.

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